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Shane Snipes, Director

As a Fulbright Scholar, Shane Snipes founded several organizations in Europe to create awareness on environmental and social issues. He taught social change, technology and management strategies at the College of Charleston. He has led professional trainings with more than 25 organizations including JD Power & Associates, Volvo, University of Miami, Best Buy, CompUSA, College of Charleston and others. In Lithuania, Shane completed research on cultural change related to environmental management and a masters degree in organizational development from Vytautas Magnus University. He is a certified ISO 14001 environmental auditor. Shane enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, and independent film in his free time. He writes on sustainability, art and spirituality. Shane is green through and through with his motto - consume less and live more.

Gabriela Delgado, Scheduling and Programming Manager >>

Sustainable 1000's broadcast and web series programming and scheduling pro, Gaby brings years of outreach and administration to this role. She's passionate and funny. Based in San Diego, her team of professionals contacts potential guests and manages Shane's schedule. Their ability to connect with VIPs and laypeople allow Sustainable 1000 to have such a diverse set of interviews. Gaby finds time for margaritas and long walks on SoCal's white sands. 

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When the producer and founder of Sustainable 1000 is not traveling the world interviewing, he spends time with companies, governments, schools, and events inspiring others with their neighbor’s stories.

An important piece of sustainable work is reversing the flow from receiving information to giving it. Shane has been able to engage more than 600 individuals about the meaning of community, freedom, energy, building, home, family, business, growth, development, and many other topics. From secondary schools to international board meetings, he has educated audiences of all types. Shane has traveled and worked across the USA and Europe, as well as consulted in 12 countries.

He combines systems thinking, storytelling, technology, strategy, culture and change management. These concepts would be less meaningful without the extensive experience of seeing every part of America acting sustainably.

If you'd like to hire Shane to speak at your next conference, schools, or corporate event, please contact his scheduling manager, Gabriela Delgado at

If you're a smaller non-profit group on a budget, please send an email to Gabriela and explain the funding you do have including travel costs of your event, and we'll get in touch with you quickly.

Watch Facebook and to see if Shane is in your town already.

If you have specific questions, please contact our scheduling team at Shane can't accept all invitations and (because of resource limitations of Sustainable 1000) generally can't travel to speak for free unless you can arrange a great interview in your area, but he does try to make time for exciting opportunities to share ideas with passionate audiences.

Thanks for your interest!


At the turn of the century, a few years before words such as “green” and “eco” were embraced by widespread opportunism, business trainer and media specialist, Shane Snipes, took keen interest in sustainability. With the explosion of sustainable business and eco efficiency, he realized that reaching out to many small communities through direct contact would create touching and thought-provoking stories. Visiting 48 states in 250 days, his ambitious project will chronicle what “sustainability” means to Americans.

S1000 explores the country discovering the reality of green living in America, and we come back to the states we visited again and again every month via Green Radio Shows. Our radio programs now total dozens per month. We travel to capture the reality of green living, then return with online radio programs to the communities along our journey. Month after month, we will find new green thinkers that make it personal and local.

So we start with the road, add a dash of social media, a ton of personality, combine radio and a green audience. From that potion, we have Sustainable 1000.



The easiest way to advertise is through our Auction Tool. You get great discounts on our ad space through out the site, state radio shows, state blogs, and videos. We are launching new advertising spots on our media outlets all the time so check back often. See our homepage with the Buy Advertising box. Simple easy and secure.

Sustainability 1000 welcomes companies and nonprofit organizations who wish to connect with our extended local, regional and national audience. We have thousands of website visitors, YouTube waters and podcast downloaders totaling upwards of 302,000 green visitors. We syndicate our videos and podcasts radio shows across various sites like iTunes, Qik, Youtube, and many others. Our social network base is nearly 16,000 combined.

Because of our unique model of returning and building our community after our city visits with radio shows, we are able to grow our audience continuously (about 2% per week). Feel free to contact our account executive here for a media kit.


Sustainable 1000 will work closely with schools, non-profits, community groups, and local municipalities to connect residents to information about ecological, economic, and ethical issues. Partners are generally 501(c)3 organizations who are connected to a specific neighborhood or group of people. These connections bring our message of sustainability to the local level. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us at partners<<<at> for an application. 

Some examples of partnerships might be:

  • a school shares photos of their students' eco projects for our blog
  • work with a local charity event to provide web coverage
  • share enewsletter posts about our arrival in your state, organization or town
  • banner sharing for 501c3 organizations
  • promoting nonprofit education projects as we meet with people in various towns


AnchorFrom April 2010 to November 2010 (after the #ecoroadtrip, the radio shows will continue through 2011), our team of adventurers will be crisscrossing the US talking to everyone we meet about sustainability. What is it? How do people do? Where can you find? Who are the leaders? We also want to discover what this general word means to Americans in all walks of life. Shane will be participating as much as interviewing. His goal is to visit and partake in sustainable lives across America. Along the way we will be have guest hosts who travel in other areas of the country documenting what they week. We look forward to showing you a greener United States.

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